At St Aelred’s Catholic Primary School, God’s love is at the heart of all we do, informing how we treat one another, decisions we make, and our commitment to the development of the whole child through our curriculum.

Religious Education is our core subject, central to the life of St Aelred’s Catholic Primary School, informing all that we do and putting Christ at the centre of our school and parish community. Our Religious Education curriculum provides our children with many opportunities to learn directly from our parish priest, from church visits, from regular school and Family Masses and from other members of our parish community, providing our pupils with a deeper understanding of and connection with the faith.

Through the teaching of Religious Education, our pupils have the opportunity to consider their own beliefs, grow in faith, draw closer to God, develop understanding of the sacraments, and become familiar with the Church’s liturgical year.

The religious education curriculum gives the children an opportunity to learn about other religions, allowing them to develop an understanding of the beliefs and practices of other faiths.

At St Aelred’s Catholic Primary School, we include the Statements of Belief (Statements to live by) as part of our Religious Education Curriculum since this resource reinforces the belief and concept of the ‘promotion of the human person’, allowing each of our pupils further opportunity to develop and grow as unique individuals, living life to the full in the image and likeness of God.