At St Aelred’s, we have three school rules:

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe.

These three positive rules cover all elements of school life and apply to all staff and pupils and we ask parents to support these too. Here are some of the ways in which these rules are discussed and applied in school.

● Being ready… includes being ready to learn, to listen, to help; having equipment and kit and returning homework; having the right attitude to learning; being ready to have a go/take a challenge, having looked after ourselves/each other so that we are fit, healthy, have slept and had breakfast; attending well and being on time for school.

● Being respectful….towards each other as we are all special, unique and loved by God; being respectful in how we look after our belongings, and the school building/grounds/resources; being respectful to our wider school/local community; showing acceptance of differences between us and celebration of diversity; having respect for our bodies; supporting each other with developing self-respect and self-esteem; developing reverence in our spiritual and faith lives; showing respect and care for our planet.

● Being safe…in our behaviour so that we keep ourselves safe and others safe around school, at playtime and when we go out of school; being safe online, too.

These rules dovetail well with our school’s core values of friendship, courage and respect. Find more information about our values here.

Mobile Phones

Children in Years 5 & 6 are permitted to bring a mobile phone to school only if they come/go home from school on their own and their parents wish them to have a mobile phone with them, for this reason. Permission is included in the Y5/6 ‘going home independently’ consent form, which can be found here.

In these cases:
● Phones much be switched off when entering the playground and remain switched off whilst on the school premises.

● Phones must be handed in at the start of the day, these are then returned to pupils at home time

● Parents and carers should educate children to focus on road safety or safety whilst cycling, so that children’s safety on the way to/from school is not compromised by use of a mobile phone

● Children should use mobile phones responsibly whilst on their way to school/on their way home.